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  1. Debugging PHP mit Xdebug, PhpStorm und Docker - Bright Solutions Debugging ist eines der wichtigsten Themen der Software-Entwicklung. PHP stellt hier keine Ausnahme dar. Leider ist es in dieser Sprache etwas aufwendiger, Debugging einzusetzen, als man es aus anderen Systemen und Sprachen kennt
  2. Start your Docker container with docker-compose up. Then click on Start Listening for PHP Debug connections icon on top right corner of PHPStorm. Open http://localhost:8888?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=PHPSTORM; If everything went well you should see the execution stop at your breakpoint. And thats it. You should now have a fully configured development environment with Docker and Xdebug integrated with PHPStorm IDE
  3. Setting up xdebug with Docker and PHPStorm. A quick guide to how to do this, since I always forget and have to look it up. This is done with docker4drupal, but should work equally well with any Docker Compose setup. Enable xdebug on the relevant Docker container
  4. host.docker.internal is a special DNS name which resolves to the internal IP of the host. This allows Xdebug to communicate with the IDE. Open PHPStorm preferences and select Build, Execution, Deployment section. In the sub-menu, choose Docker and click the + icon to add new Docker integration and then close the configuration panel
  5. July 26, 2018. Home. > Debugging PHP (web and cli) with Xdebug using Docker and PHPStorm. Alexis PREVOT Technical project manager. To follow this tutorial, you must have the Xdebug extension installed on your container. In my example, I will use a Docker image of TheCodingMachine created by David Négrier

Docker, PHPStorm and Xdebug, The definitive guide Bruno Pa

# Install xdebug RUN pecl install xdebug && docker-php-ext-enable xdebug And this is my original Xdebug configuration: [xdebug] zend_extension=xdebug.so xdebug.remote_enable=1 xdebug.remote_autostart=1 xdebug.remote_connect_back=0 xdebug.remote_host=host.docker.internal xdebug.remote_port=9001 xdebug.idekey=PHPSTORM xdebug.remote_log=/var/www/storage/logs/xdebug.log xdebug.remote_mode = re Note that the xdebug.client_host value should be replaced with the IP address of the machine where PhpStorm is running, which is accessible from the Docker container. If you are using Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac , you can set xdebug.client_host to host.docker.internal , which automatically resolves to the internal address of the host, letting you easily connect to it from the container [XDebug] xdebug.remote_port=9000 xdebug.remote_enable=1 xdebug.remote_connect_back=1 xdebug.remote_autostart=1 There are other ways to configure xdebug besides modifying your php.ini file. Specifically you could use an xdebug configuration file or you could add the configurations for xdebug as an environment variable right in your docker-compose Install Xdebug 3 in the PHP container The php container uses a custom Dockerfile (./docker/php/Dockerfile) to define its build steps, which you can see in the example below. This is because Xdebug doesn't come bundled with the official Docker Hub PHP containers

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  1. Instruct XDebug to connect to host.docker.internal for command line execution or whenever connect back is not possible. Set PHP_IDE_CONFIG env variable to serverName=localhost . This will tell your PhpStorm which server configuration to use
  2. Xdebug runs within the PHP container and connects to the Xdebug server controlled by IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate/PhpStorm. Install and Configure Xdebug in the PHP Docker Container. First of all, we need to install and activate Xdebug in our PHP container. Therefore, we create an own Docker image based on the PHP/Apache image
  3. e docker-xdebug.ini and placed it in the root of my project
  4. XDEBUG 3 Configuration with Docker and PhpStorm XDebug 3 only started working out of the box with PhpStorm version 2020.3. Reference article - Configure Xdebug The list of changes from XDebug 2 to 3 are available here for reference - Upgrade Guide. Configuring PhpStorm. Go to PhpStorm -> Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> PHP -> Servers. Click
  5. Select the Docker registry and specify the repository and tag (name and version of the image, for example, php-71-apache-xdebug-26:latest). Press Ctrl+Enter to run docker pull. Build an image from a Dockerfile . When you are editing a Dockerfile, PhpStorm provides completion for images from the configured registries. You can also hold down Ctrl and click an image name to open its page in a web.
  6. Gather Host IP address ¶. On Windows you will have to manually retrieve the IP address to which Xdebug should connect to via xdebug.remote_host. When you have done no custom configuration in your Virtual Switch manager, Docker for Windows will use the Default Switch automatically. Windows: Virtual Switch Manager example screenshot
  7. I will setup a very simple php page and debug it using xdebug and PhpStorm. 0 reactions. Source files can be found here: 0 reactions. https://github.com/ikknd/docker-study in folder recipe-09. 0 reactions. 1. Create Dockerfile file in docker folder: Execute this command from docker folder to build image

XDebug für PHPStorm einbinden; sehr flexibel einstellbar; Auf meiner Suche nach einer geeigneten Docker-Umgebung habe ich zahlreiche Tutorials gefunden. Allerdings hat keines mein Vorhaben in Gänze abgedeckt - sondern bezogen sich zum einen auf ältere PHP5 Versionen, zum anderen wurde beispielsweise XDebug vernachlässigt I try to use new Xdebug on my laptop T490 with KDE Neon and PhpSorm. Project runs on few docker containers (below config for nginx and php) What is missing or broke with my configuration? Steps To Reproduce: install xdebug-3.0.0beta1via PECL and enable it (on php 7.4 fpm container) write xdebug config: xdebug.mode=debug xdebug.discover_client_host= Set up PhpStorm to use PHP with PHPUnit and xDebug in Docker. Created at 2020-10-10 Updated at 2020-10-11 Category Docker Tag Resource / Docker / PHP / PhpStorm / PhpUnit / Linux. I have recently configured my windows 10 laptop with an additional SSD, so I could experiment with Linux. I have already installed Pop!_OS Git, PhpStorm and Docker. I haven't installed PHP or Composer locally. Next. In this tutorial, we will look into how to set up PhpStorm to use Xdebug in a dockerized PHP project. For a non-trivial PHP project example, we choose the development of a WordPress theme. Prerequisites PhpStorm is a popular PHP IDE with many useful features including Docker and Xdebug support. In this tutorial, we are [

Development Environment with Docker, Xdebug and PHPStorm

In this video we're gonna go through two methods of making PhpStorm run PHP code on Docker containers. In addition we're making sure that Xdebug is working s.. Docker on Linux: Xdebug for PhpStorm¶ Docker on Linux allows Xdebug to automatically connect back to the host system without the need of an explicit IP address. Table of Contents. Prerequisites; Assumption; Configuration. Configure PhpStorm; Configure php.ini; Restart the Devilbox; Prerequisites ¶ Ensure you know how to customize php.ini values for the Devilbox and have a rough.

Debugging PHP (web and cli) with Xdebug using Docker and

FTPS docker image. Container. 10K+ Downloads. 8 Stars. phpstorm/php-56-apache-xdebug-25. By phpstorm • Updated 2 months ago. Apache image with PHP 5.6 with XDebug 2.5 for Web Debugging. Container. 4.2K Downloads Xdebug is an extension for debugging your PHP code. Cloud Docker for Commerce provides a separate container to handle Xdebug requests in the Docker environment. Use this container to enable Xdebug and debug PHP code in your Docker environment without affecting your Cloud for Adobe Commerce project configuration

Xdebug was working with my Lando setup with PhpStorm. I have since started using WSL 2 and xdebug no longer triggers. I haven't changed any settings in PhpStorm or any other Lando settings. Any ideas? System specs: $ lando version v3.0.3.. Here, I'm going to talk about configuring XDebug with PHPStorm and Docker. ℹ️ Important note: I will not talk about using it in an HTTP context. I have struggled so much in the past and never succeeded in configuring this, and I will probably never do it anyway. I'm only using it when testing, with PHPUnit or Behat, and that's perfect: it forces me to write more tests. Having a. The idea is to use X11 forwarding, install everything (PHP, XDebug, PHPStorm) on Linux and just use the UI on Windows. This also works well, and was not perceivably slower. It feels like the fonts are rendered slightly pixely, but I'm not sure if this is truly the case or just a bias between Windows and Ubuntu fonts for PHPStorm. But after all this is an easier setup. I used VcXsrv for X11. 10-12. 69. php- docker容器配置xdebug 配合 phpstorm 调试踩坑 在php 容器 中安装 xdebug 扩展 安装 # 进入 容器 docker exec -it php sh # 安装 xdebug 扩展 pecl install xdebug && docker -php-ext-enable xdebug 踩坑 我使用的是基于alpine构建的镜像,安装扩展时有遇到以下报错: error: C compiler cannot. Docker + php-fpm + PhpStorm + Xdebug. Не так давно тимлид нашей команды сказал: ребята я хочу, чтобы у всех была одинаковая среда разработки для наших боевых проектов + мы должны уметь дебажить всё — и web.

Docker on Windows: Xdebug for PhpStorm ¶ Prerequisites ¶. Ensure you know how to customize php.ini values for the Devilbox and have a rough... Assumption ¶. The Resulting local project path is the path where all projects are stored locally on your host... Docker PHP 7.4 MySQL Nginx XDebug PHPStorm Konfiguration. Von. Matthias Sporrer - 9. April 2020. 0. 863. Hallo, nachdem ich im Artikel hier meine Konfiguration gezeigt habe, möchte ich heute die Einrichtung bei PHPStorm Schritt-für-Schritt aufzeigen. Wichtig: Dieses Tutorial knüpft unmittelbar an meinen ersten Artikel an! Kurz: Ich fange an, mit der Einrichtung des Projekts in PHPStorm. Configuring PHPStorm to work with xDebug and Docker, by listening. Raw Readme.md For this setup, I'm using PHP 7 FPM and Nginx. Also created a xdebug.ini, php.ini and vhost.conf as separated setup files, that are copy for volumes by docker compose. Docker image is just an example. You can use any other image, but should have xdebug extension. As Docker image, Docker yml is an example. If using. Es muss also die IP des PHPStorm Rechners manuell gesetzt werden. Dazu setzt man manuell den Wert von xdebug.remote_host auf (die IP Docker für den Host setzt, kann varieren) bei den CLI Interpreter Optionen: ← Docker Verzeichnis mounten unter Windows 10 mit Docker Toolbox → DockerFile PHP mit XDebug und Amazon Linux 2 I will setup a very simple php page and debug it using xdebug and PhpStorm. 1. Create Dockerfile file in docker folder: docker build -t php-xdebug-custom -f Dockerfile . 2. Create docker-compose.yml file in docker folder: 3. Modify php.ini file with xdebug settings: 4

php - Using Xdebug and PhpStorm with Docker container on

php xdebug phpstorm docker 调试技巧. 阅读 3.5k 更新于 2020-04-05 . 赞 14 收藏 13. 分享. 本作品系原创, 采用《署名-非商业性使用-禁止演绎 4.0 国际》许可协议. 小白要生发. PHP工程师. 815 声望. 1.2k 粉丝. 关注作者. 0 条评论. 得票数 最新. 提交评论. 你知道吗? 注册登录. 小白要生发. PHP工程师. 815 声望. 1.2k. PhpStorm, Docker and XDebug on Linux Sommario. Development environment. php-fpm; nginx (or the web server we use) The host IP problem. A solution; Setting up debugging in PhpStorm. Build, Execution, Deployment; PHP > Servers; PHP > Cli interpreter; PHP> Debug; Try it now; It does not work yet! What can I do? Logging what happens in xdebug. If the firewall gets in the way open a window. Hi I'm trying to set up xdebug with PHPStorm and ddev on Windows 10 home using Docker Toolbox . I've got the website running locally through ddev, that all works fine. The part I'm struggling with is getting PHPStorm to listen to the cor..

Debugging with XDebug, PHPStorm and Docker. To use the full features of debugging tools, you can enable Xdebug in the php containers. Since the application runs in Docker containers and the debugging tools on the host and Docker isolates the stacks by default, you need a special network setup. Setup. Allow traffic from Docker private IPs in firewall, eg. sudo ufw allow from 172.16../12 proto. Docker + php-fpm + PhpStorm + Xdebug 1. Клонируем репозиторий на гитхабе. Создаем .env файл с переменными USER_ID=ваш uid GROUP_ID=ваш gid 2. Прописываем узлы first.loc и two.loc в файле /etc/hosts first.loc two.loc 3. В папке с гитом запускаем команду docker-compose up -d 4.. Дмитрий, подскажите, пожалуйста, мне, новичку, как настроить связку Xdebug PhpStorm Docker Yii2 для дебага например такой консольной команды. docker-compose run --rm php-7.3 php site.local/yii test/a Команда работает

Configure Xdebug PhpStorm - JetBrain

Please note that xdebug.remote_host value should be replaced with your local machine IP address which is visible from the Docker container (where PhpStorm is running, in our case Don't forget to re-run Start Docker Run/Debug Configuration so that all the changes are applied. As soon as all the configs are in place, the debugging process can be triggered by following this. Добрый день! Второй день мучаюсь с настройкой Xdebug'a. ОС Windows 10, для запуска приложений использую Docker (Docker for Windows). Появилась необходимость отладить PHP-код в PhpStorm. И уперся в настройку всего этого дела.Моя текущая. In the docker-> php-fpm folder, create a xdebug file.ini. zend_extension=xdebug.so xdebug.mode=debug xdebug.start_with_request=yes xdebug.discover_client_host=off xdebug.client_host= xdebug.client_port=9005 xdebug.idekey=PHPSTORM xdebug.max_nesting_level=1500 . In the Dockerfile file in the same folder, add the following command. RUN export XDEBUG_SESSION-PHPSTORM Configuration. Docker Xdebug 3 Phpstorm. 13 janvier 2021 13 janvier 2021 Valentin Deville Développement. Bonjour à tous ! Un article très rapide car je n'ai trouvé aucun tuto pour debug avec phpstorm et la dernière version de xdebug ! Voici en « vrac » la solution que j'ai trouvé ! Config stack Docker . Dans votre image docker ajouter xdebug: (Dockerfile): FROM composer:2.0 as composer FROM php:7.

Когда-то давно для меня работа с xDebug казалась чем-то невероятно сложным и недостижимым, нерабочие примеры. In meinem fork sind die xdebug Settings schon auf Docker for Mac angepasst:; XDebug xdebug.remote_enable = 1 xdebug.remote_connect_back = 0 xdebug.remote_host = docker.for.mac.host.internal xdebug.idekey = PHPSTORM xdebug.cli_color = 1 xdebug.max_nesting_level = 1000. xdebug.profiler_enable_trigger = 1 xdebug.profiler_output_dir = '/tmp/debug/' Der interessante Teil ist docker.for.mac.host. PHPStorm整合一些了Docker相关的功能,并有官方的Docker镜像. 下面介绍怎么通过PHPStorm创建并运行一个docker容器项目,以Windows系统为例. 运行 Docker for Windows,Docker运行成功后桌面右下角有图标,右键选择Settings 勾选 Expose daemon on tcp://localhost:2375 就是暴露守护进程 Once PhpStorm has picked up your Docker settings, you'll see the PHP version updating as PhpStorm runs some commands on the container to infer the configuration. Now that the remote interpreter is specified, we can also add the local path on the container to the Xdebug file so that we can step debug our command line scripts using the Xdebug On-Demand tool. Now that we have the remote. PHP_IDE_CONFIG: serverName=xdebug-docker #phpstorm variavel de ambiente com o nome do server configurado. Reinicie seu container. docker-compose down docker-compose up -d. Nesse tutorial, você pode usar Microsoft Visual Studio Code ou Jetbrains PHPStorm. Escolha seu editor favorito! Visual Studio Code. No VSC, clique em debug na barra de menu ou use a tecla de atalho F5 e escolha a opção.

Servers配置. ip和xdebug一致,这里比较奇葩,填127.0.0.1无法进入调试模式; 项目映射,左侧项目根目录,右侧和docker的WORKDIR一致,否则也无法进入调试模 Working with Docker in PhpStorm Running the Docker from PhpStorm. As all the tools are installed, and the integration is configured, the recently created Start Docker Run/Debug Configuration can be launched: The Application Servers tool window will be opened updating you on the provisioning status and current state of all your Docker containers: As soon as the process is completed, and our. Настройка xDebug Docker-compose в PhpStorm (Ubuntu 16.04) 1. Как настроить xdebug + phpstorm на удаленном сервере . 0. Как настроить XDebug на сером IP в PhpStorm. 2. проблема с проксированием через nginx docker. 1. Автоматический запуск команд при docker-compose up laravel, npm.

Setting up PhpStorm to Work Seamlessly with Docker-compose

Docker Web UI: Portainer Click on Accept in the Incoming Connection From Xdebug dialogue in PHPStorm. PHPStorm automatically configures a server and directory mappings between the host and the server. Directory mappings are very important, as that's how PHPStorm knows how to map sources on the server to those on the host. By default, you will not be able to debug anything above the. With xdebug.remote_host you tell Xdebug to connect to a certain host when debugging. By default this is localhost but for Docker you need the default gateway which is aliased to host.docker.internal or for Vagrant xdebug.remote_host=host.docker.internal. Once you're done configuring, restart apache, nginx, php-fpm or whatever you.

Setup Step Debugging in PHP with Xdebug 3 and Docker

Next, docker-compose stop and docker-compose start (or if you don't use docker-compose then it should be docker container stop and docker container start respectively) to restart the container and make the changes take effect. Finally, verify that the PHP > Debug section in your PHPStorm setting to make sure that the Xdebug port there points to the same port you defined in the xdebug.ini file Xdebug Cloud provides an easy way to debug your PHP applications with Xdebug, without having to deal with complexities with regards to networking. Xdebug Cloud allows for debugging sessions to go through a hosted service, to which both PhpStorm and Xdebug connect to. You no longer have to find out which host and port to connect to, or discover that a firewall, Vagrant, or Docker gets in the. Installing Lando will also install Docker desktop, a containerized server environment. Hopefully this article has helped to get up and running with Lando and Xdebug 3 with PHPStorm. I cannot stress enough how useful Xdebug is when working on a Drupal website. I've seen folks struggle with using Kint, print_r(), and var_dump(). While these are somewhat useful, to me nothing compares to.

Using Xdebug with Docker Compose and PhpStorm Max's Blo

xdebug.remote_host = host.docker.internal. 这几行的作用是: 开启xdebug远程调试; 调试方式用dggp; 远程地址用host.docker.internal,也就是docker容器所在的主机。如果主机是Linux系统,host.docker.internal可能用不了,需要改用PHP容器和主机同一虚拟网络下的IP,在主机中用docker network inspect dnmp_default命令可找到,其中dnmp. I will tell you how to setup PHPStorm to debug PHP applications using XDebug and PHP setup over Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on WSL2. I would like to work against the latest version of PHP and compile it myself. At the same time, setting up extensions and compiling PHP itself on windows is not a very straightforward task as far as I know. The plan is to have the development environment run from Linux. phpstorm 配置xdebug ( docker 容器) 挂件. 05-26. 1472. 1.准备工作:通过 Docker file或 docker -compose.yml已经编译好了镜像并启动了容器,通过查看phpinfo确认 Xdebug 扩展已启用 2. php.ini中的 xdebug 常用 配置 (我挂载了 配置 文件的路径和日志路径,根据个人情况更改): xdebug. 至此,基本的 Docker 环境我们就建好了。接下来研究下如何让 PHPSTORM 调试 Docker 项目 . 调试方式一 - Docker挂载调试. 这里做测试使用前文的 Dockerfile,需要按照实际情况进行配置添加。 配置Dockerfile #基础 image 为 php:7.3-apache FROM php:7.3-apache #安装 xdebug 扩展 并开启 RUN pecl install xdebug && \ docker-php-ext-enable.

Debugging within a PHP Docker Container using IDEA

Setting up PhpStorm to Work Seamlessly with Docker-compose

PHPStorm + Xdebug + Alpine on Docker - DEV Communit

PhpStorm 2019.1.3 Build #PS-191.7479.51, built on June 18, 2019 macOS 10.14.5 Th app is running inside docker and remote_host should be set to host.internal.docker by my docker-compose.yml that I have attached above, for some reason this line doesn't seem to have any effect anymore XDEBUG_CONFIG: remote_host=host.docker.interna Symfony-setting-up-PhpStorm-with-Xdebug-configuration. Preferences | Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Test Framework (create new configuration to allow PHPSTORM find PHPUnit)

Ihr Docker-Container kann Ihre PHP Storm IDE mit der IP nicht sehen. In der Regel ist der Host in einem Container. Auch remote_connect_back wird wahrscheinlich nicht gut funktionieren. Versuchen Sie es so einzurichten: xdebug.remote_host= xdebug.remote_connect_back=Of PHP with Xdebug (a Docker container) Vim; vdebug (Vim PHP debugging plugin) I think/hope that even if you use a slightly different configuration you may find a couple of useful hints in this text. The Docker container. First of all, let's get some Xdebug ready container. I've used php-docker-boilerplate by WEBDEVOPS which has some documentation and it is preconfigured to run a PHP server with. Hilfe bei der Programmierung, Antworten auf Fragen / Php / Kann PhpStorm mit xdebug mit Docker nicht verbinden - php, docker, phpstorm, xdebug. PhpStorm kann nicht mit xdebug mit Docker verbunden werden - php, docker, phpstorm, xdebug. Ich habe folgende Dockerfile: FROM php:7.-fpm-alpine RUN apk add --update --virtual build_deps gcc g++ autoconf make && docker-php-source extract && pecl. PHPStorm, Docker and Xdebug I use Docker for development; on the whole, I love it; however, getting a couple of things set up proved a little challenging, namely debugging from PHPStorm with Xdebug. Eventually, I will update my Docker quick start project on GitHub, however for now, here are some basic instructions XDebug for PHPUnit in Docker with PHPStorm [ update ] Set the IP-address to the following DNS-name: docker.for.mac.localhost (yes, literally)! Working with the IP-address doesn't work anymore [ /update ] Want to get XDebug working for your PHPUnit tests which run in Docker

Sdebug version selection. Supplement and update on June 27, 2020. According to the update of the swote / sdebug warehouse and the installation script of the swoole / docker swoole. abreast of the timesPHP 7.4have access toswoole/sdebugOfsdebug_2_9Branch.. According to the code below, you can sort out the corresponding relationship between PHP version and sdebug version $ docker-xdebug [your PHP file] Breakpoints doesn't work? Don't expose the Xdebug port 9000. At default, Xdebug's remote host is configured with xdebug.remote_host=172.17..1, but it can be different to your Docker gateway IP address. To check your Docker gateway IP run the command $ ifconfig and look for the docker0 network adapter. Since. An IDE in your machine (I use PHPStorm) An issue you need to debug (d'oh!) SSH to the remote server and install Xdebug sudo apt-get install php5-xdebug (Debian based servers) Configure Xdebug. The Xdebug configuration goes in the php.ini file (or in a specific .conf file inside your conf.d folder, it depends on the server's OS As that seems a bit circular, I decided to try to directly integrate DDEV and PHPStorm via docker-compose. Integrating via docker-compose has the advantage that path mappings for example are available automatically. This is how to do it: Dump docker-compose config DDEV is using their own wrapper script to start docker-compose and does a few things in it that PHPStorm cannot directly understand. Irgendwie ist es im aktuellen Stand von Docker nicht möglich rauszufinden, welche IP der Docker Host hat (was für die xDebug-Konfiguration natürlich wichtig ist). Also habe ich einen alias auf meinem Netzwerkgerät angelegt der wie folgt lautet: 1. sudo ifconfig en0 alias 255.255.255.. Mit der folgenden xDebug-Konfiguration klappt die Verbindung einwandfrei! Das wars dann.

php - How to setup Docker + PhpStorm + xdebug on Ubuntu 16Index Php Github Angristan Php Xdebug Docker Debug Phpphp - Can't get Xdebug to work (mac+PhpStorm+LaradockDebug yii2 project with XDebug and PHPStorm – Tools Matter

PhpStorm, Xdebug, Docker & Mac. Your Docker containers will have an IP address beginning 172.xxx.xxx.xxx (each container gets it's own - check what it is) You might assume that'd be enough to avoid conflicts with your real IP address or when specifying xdebug.remote_host. Note: on macOS, you need to create a symlink to your IP otherwise PhpStorm won't be able to hear Xdebug. echo xdebug.remote_host = host.docker.internal; \ #Here the port is fixed to fill in 19000. Of course, other ports can be filled in. It needs to be ensured that they are not occupied echo xdebug.remote_port = 19000; \ #Fixed here echo xdebug.idekey=PHPSTORM; \ #Save execution results to 99 Xdebug- enable.ini Go inside } | tee 99-xdebug-enable.ini . host.docker.internal And 19000 are. Debug PHP with Xdebug inside Docker. Tested with PhpStorm and VS Code. Usage. The Xdebug config happens in the Dockerfile. I recommend to look at it, escpeially the comments. The most important part is the xdebug.remote_host which has to be set to the Docker host. A sample docker-compose.yml comes along with it so you can get this up and running in one command: docker-compose up --build -d. VS. There is a lot of articles on Xdebug, Docker and PHPStorm but pretty much all of them takes its particular setup for granted, most presents a different set of Xdebug configuration -not realizing that some of them are useless for their particular use case- and especially none of them explain why you have to do things this way. I aim to do better in this article, and hopefully will provide a.

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